Christine Gutierrez


I'm a Graphic Designer with experience in UX, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On my personal time I'm an Artist, Musician, and half partner of a printing press called Easy Press Co. Check it out:  & to sign up for the next Token Artist Event!

I believe design can be used in a professional sense, but can also be use to help a community come together and grow through communication, collaboration, learning, and sharing knowledge.

Location: Born in Chicago, IL -  Lives in Seattle, WA

"Design is not only about making something beautiful, it's about how it functions, the experience, and how it communicates too!"

Due to contracts...For additional work, please email me at


HOME is my studio. 


Easy Press is Chicago Printing Press geared to helping the creative community. Token is a night of local comics, illustration, music, and video games aimed at showcasing passionate visual artists, musicians and creators in the Chicago area. 

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